Things To Know Before Purchasing Fitted Wardrobes

1) You’ll Get More Storage Space

A premium fitted wardrobe can provide huge amounts of storage even when compared to a freestanding wardrobe. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are created perfectly around the corners & slants around your room. When using a freestanding wardrobe it is hard to keep your storage areas functional, since a lot of space is wasted with its traditional design. Fitted furniture presents a huge benefit of freedom and flexibility that flatpack and freestanding furniture cannot support.

2) Choose From A Range Of Finishes

You can choose from a much wider range of options and finishes compared to the standard freestanding models as these are usually designed to appeal more to consumers. You can customise your bespoke fitted wardrobe to match the style of your room or throw in some extra colours and materials to complement it. Choose from a variety of finishes & colours on our website or via our showroom to create your perfect bespoke wardrobe today.

3) Get The Most Out Of Your Storage 

When you’re planning your fitted wardrobe, take a look at your current belongings in your wardrobe to see how you would like to utilise the space. If you’re wanting storage that provides places for everything, it’s good to know what exactly you’ll be storing. The interior of fitted wardrobes can be entirely bespoke to suit the customer’s needs. You will work directly with a designer who focuses on designing fitted furniture to match exactly what you envision. The design will be created with the look and storage needs in mind, and all interior fittings and rails will be positioned where you can comfortably and easily reach them.

4) Match Your Room Style

The whole point of a bespoke fitted wardrobe is to flow with the corners and curves of your room. We can provide a wide range of matching materials that will complement your bed, bedside chests, dressing tables and mirrors to give that bespoke look you desire.

Wardrobes are a key feature in any bedroom, allowing you to be as specific as possible when it comes down to details. Opting for a fitted wardrobe gives you the option of creating the style that best suits your personal taste and current interior design.

5)    Plan for the future

Fitted wardrobes are a great investment, not only transforming your room but also adding value to your home too. It’s something you’ll have for years to come. Timeless styles are future-proof, ensuring that you can update the design of your bedroom and giving you peace of mind that your chosen wardrobe will always match no matter the theme. Using high-quality materials and a design process that can suit different room styles is perfect to prolong the life of your wardrobe. Fitted furniture can help increase the value of your property by making it appear you have more floor space.

6) Can Be Built In All Spaces

Flatpacked & freestanding wardrobes come in all sorts of sizes to suit a large target market for a low cost. Due to this, you can find that it can look out of place or even worst sticking out due to a corner or a slanted wall. If you have a sloping ceiling, a chimney or awkwardly positioned windows, your wardrobe would be designed to use all available space, and will look great around your bedroom’s more challenging features!

7) Enjoy The Process

Buying a wardrobe can be a stressful process to make sure everything is correct such as dimensions and materials with a phone call you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our professional craftsman will do all the hard work for you. designing bespoke furniture is with us is a simple and enjoyable experience. Our design and build team are ready and waiting to help you every step of the way create fitted furniture that truly fits their environment and client’s personal style.

8) They’re Not Just For Clothes

A wardrobe is not just a way to store clothes! Storage options can be built-in for all the other things you’d like to add to the wardrobe such as your shoes, accessories and a safe. It’s easy to get the most use out of your space which is why fitted furniture has always been popular. You’re able to optimise the space you have in your room reducing that one draw you put everything inside. Our bespoke furniture will go with the flow in all areas of your house if you want to take a small space and make it into a more usable area.

9) Choosing the right interior

Fitted wardrobes shouldn’t just look great on the outside, you should also think about what style you’d like on the inside. This could be the same material on the exterior of the wardrobe or you can pick another style of material we have to offer so you stand out from the crowd. A good interior should be able to store clothes such as suits & dresses along with other lifestyle activities.


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